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    The average cost of cancer treatment in Mexico is around 70% lower than in the US

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    Alternative Cancer Treatments

    Affordable Natural Therapy in Mexico

    What is the Cost of Cancer Treatment in Mexico?

    The cost of cancer treatment ranges from a few $1,000.00 to upward of $30,000.00 dollars.

    It’s practically impossible not to be impacted by cancer at some point in life. Whether you are the one diagnosed, or a loved one, cancer impacts us all. Besides the initial feelings of fear or anger is the uncertainty of cost of treatments, especially in the US.

    It is hard enough just to grapple with the disease itself and the war it rages on the body, without having to also grapple with insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals. Everything costs money and it gets expensive, often causing the patient and loved ones to have to miss work and not get paid.

    There has to be a better solution. For many years now, people have traveled abroad for healthcare. This is called medical tourism and it has become a true solution for millions of travelers. Why? Because you can get great care for a significantly lower cost in other countries, like Mexico.

    Why Consider Mexico for Cancer Treatment?

    There are two main reasons to consider Mexico for cancer treatment: one, lower cost and two, availability of alternative treatments. While the main focus here is on cost, it would be remiss not to at least touch on the alternative treatments offered in Mexico that are not offered in the US.

    Some people travel to Mexico for alternative cancer treatments after conventional treatment has failed, but others forgo conventional treatment instead opting for alternative treatments.

    What are Alternative Cancer Treatments?

    There are many cancer treatments available in Mexico that are not available in the US. Some of the treatments focus on nutrition and boosting the immune system, while others focus on the tumor or cancer cells. However, the overall focus is on the patient as a whole, or holistic treatment. Cancer treatment in the US typically focuses only on the cancer, forgetting about the patient as a whole.

    Cancer treatment in Mexico begins with assessing each patient to develop a unique plan for each individual. Within this plan, the medical team assesses their patients not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Cancer takes a toll on individuals as a whole, so treatment should take patients as a whole into account.

    Once a treatment plan is put in place, the cancer treatment takes place, using a combination of alternative therapies. For usually two to four weeks, patients and a companion stay in Mexico. The patient receives treatment usually 5 to 6 days a week and then one free day to explore. Alternative therapies have little side effects, unlike traditional medicine, allowing patients to feel like themselves.

    Additionally, once the treatment has concluded, the cancer treatment centers in Mexico have extensive follow up plans as well to ensure their patients ongoing success. Many patients that have been given little to no hope after conventional medicine fails them, find new hope and lengthy survival in Mexico.

    Cost of Cancer Treatment?

    The average cost of cancer treatment in Mexico is around 70% lower than in the US

    The cost of cancer treatment ranges from a few thousand to upward of fifty thousand dollars. Total cost is determined by the types of treatments utilized. Every diagnosis and individual is different, therefore each treatment plan is different. But, you can rest assured of the total cost, as hospitals in Mexico are very upfront with pricing information, probably because they understand people travel from all over the US and Europe for treatment.

    Additionally, the cost is also determined by the length of stay at the hospital in Mexico. Obviously, the longer you stay, the more it costs. All of that will be determined ahead of time, however, including what is included in the cost, such as food and lodging.

    Some of the clinics even take insurance, whether it is paid upfront or reimbursed. The liaison at the clinics can help with those types of questions.

    There are many possibilities in Tijuana for cancer treatment. If you’ve ever done any research on medical tourism in Mexico, you’ll know that Tijuana has become a hub for just across the border healthcare. With modern equipment and facilities, cancer treatment centers in Tijuana are a refuge for many cancer patients.

    No Chemo Alternative Cancer Treatments.

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    If you or someone you know is suffering with cancer, alternative cancer treatment in Mexico might be the solution.

    Why? The cost of cancer treatment in Mexico is significantly less than in the US, even with the cost of travel included. Most of the cancer treatment facilities have lodging on the premises and provide meals.

    Between the availability of alternative cancer treatments and the state-of-the-art facilities, thousands of people each year flock to Mexico for holistic cancer treatments.

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